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Cinema over the years has bestowed distinct types of content to us, and eroticas is one of them. And also for the generation that believes in Netflix and Chill is a thing, such movies become necessary. So with that being a fact, here are 25 erotic that you can watch to feast your desire of lovemaking in bed. What le to sex and everthying erotic amidst the death of the child that Marcos and his wife kidnapped for ransom already seem to be an exciting plot to invest your time in.

Though the movie may not have the best graphics, but the story it entails is pretty alluring. The movie is an American dramatic black comedy that features bride who holds her husband at bay while flirting with a sexy Italian farmer. Love is a brilliant example of creative cinematography and an emotional roller coaster.

The movie stars Murphy and Electra who, to spice up their sex life, calls in their newly moved neighbour in bed. Accidentally, the guy gets the neighbour pregnant and things change emotionally. The horror that comes along with sex in this erotic movie will only prompt your partner to get close to you.

18 erotic far as the story goes, it is about two stranded women Genesis and Bel, who requests Evan, a dedicated father and husband, to let them spend the night at his house and later seduces him. Color od Night won the Golden Raspberry Award for being the worst film of However, it still managed to become the 20 most rented movies of that time. The story is about a psychologist who has just witnessed one of his patients committing suicide, which disturbs him to the core. Well, you will have to watch the same to explore more. Surely we too are wishing that they were not brother and sister IRL.

Egon Schiele is artistic is distinct ways and revolves around the life of cursed painter Egon Shiele specialized in nudes, and on his late conflicting love for two women. Make sure you get an English version of the same to enjoy it to the fullest. Lolita is an adaption of an erotic and controversial novel by the same. The movie and the novel created a buzz among people for featuring a young girl as the love and obsession of a man madly in love with her. Young and Beautiful is the story of a year-old girl and the situations that prompts her to take a job as a prostitute.

Between misunderstanding and lust are two couples Nigel and Fiona, and Oscar and Mimi who meet during a cruise. This impacts his marriage with Fiona. Q also famously named Desire in the United States. A group of nine adolescent boys and girls are subjected to days of sexual and mental torture that others in the vicinity seem to enjoy.

Watch at your own risk. Between healing and caring, the two fall in love. A classic role-play that seems so innocent and yet fun. Francis is a depressed tax auditor who visits the bar each night where Christina, a strip dancer, performs. Soon they build an 18 erotic and physical bond. Betty Blue is all about 18 erotic young woman who is supported by his novelist boyfriend she finds it hard to cope up with life. Well, the Oscar-nominated movie surely has its moments at the beach that would spice things up.

Plus, watch it for the wonderful story. Brandon is a sex addict at night and a hardworking bachelor in the day. 18 erotic surely has secrets; like he masturbates at work. However, things change when his sister shows up in the town which disturbs his day-night balance. With a decent IMDB rating of 6. However, when Ray keeps track of the trio he finds something not so right. Those eyes can get anything done and Basic Instinct is the example. The story revolves around Detective Nick and his task to investigate the murder of Johnny Boz. Body Heat ups the ante with hot and heavy love scenes that would make you do things.

The lovers plan to kill the rich guy and run away with his money. Jay and Claire meet up for a quick one-night stand and things get so erotic that now jay wants to know more about the woman. However, trying to connect emotionally takes the sexual relationship to the back seat. The saga of two women takes a spicy turn when they meet in Rome and share a night of intense passion. Mercenary thief Laure Ash goes erotic to seduce a woman from whom she wants to steal stuff along with her friends Black Tie and Racine. She manages to steal the stuff but also cheats her friends 18 erotic flee to Paris alone.

The year-old, to fuel his fantasies, steals her underwear, stalks her and becomes the shoulder to cry on when the death of her husband brokes to her. Share with your friends! Affiliate In. Post Pagination Next Post Next. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp. Battle In Heaven Director: Carlos Reygadas What le to sex and everthying erotic amidst the death of the child that Marcos and his wife kidnapped for ransom already seem to be an exciting plot to invest your time in.

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18 erotic

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25 Best 18+ Erotic Movies That Will Spice Up All Your Sexual Fantasies