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Daisy Dreams is an earth pony who is currently a Twiling student at Harmonic High. Daisy Dreams is a light purple earth pony with a pink mane, streaked with light pink. Her mane is wavy and she usually wears it down. Daisy Dreams has light blue eyes with one set of eyelashes. Daisy Dreams is very energetic and has been known to babble on and on about stuff. She is also very smart and is said to excel in science.

Daisy Dreams is very friendly and immediately took to Diamond Rose when she arrived. When someone asks Daisy Dreams a question, she'll sometimes start talking about something that has nothing to do with the question, which means the pony has to ask her again. She was chosen for Twiling by the Fountain of Harmonic. Daisy Dreams tells Diamond Rose that the fountain turned purple when it told her she was a Twiling.

It is unknown if the fountain turns purple for all ponies who are chosen for Twiling, or if it just happened for her. At some point, she and Cheerilee became friends. Mlpstopmotion Wiki Explore. Afflictions and illnesses Food and beverage Social events. Article workshop Placeholder name polls Core wiki activity Project forums Wiki discussion Chat discussion Speculation.

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Daisy dreams mlp

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Daisy Dreams