Diva paige sex tape

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On the same day her wedding date with former heavyweight champ Alberto Del Rio was confirmed, embattled WWE star Paige opened up about the leaked sex tapes that threaten to derail her promising career.

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Six former or current WWE stars reportedly have had sexual images or videos leaked online. We are getting married Wednesday.

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Have a nice and go and F… yourself haters. I put trust in the hands of someone that took advantage of a young girl years ago. Befitting her WWE credentials, Paige was not all teary-eyed in the post. She also attacked the culture that anonymously shames people on the internet.

Or how many men and women have fell into the same trap as me and made those mistakes?

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We wanna bring those people to justice and also take down the one who are trolls. In October, she injured her neck and then was hit with a day suspension for violating the anti-drug policy a second time.

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Finally, just a week after the second suspension was announced, Paige dove into the ring to propose to Del Rio. This article originally appeared in New York Post.

Diva paige sex tape

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