Erotic mind control story

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Mind control sex stories, are those where mind control and even telepathy, is somehow used as part of a sexual act. One of the most commonly used mind control techniques is hypnotizing someone, and then using suggestions to make them perform sexual acts or bring themselves to orgasm while under hypnosis. Characters are often hypnotised into behaving less restrained than they might be in real life.

A person may have a secret longing to be used as a sexual plaything, but are unlikely to realise that fantasy unless it was brought out under hypnosis. Another common theme in mind control stories, is turning the hypnotised person into a "people puppet", where the "villain" may use his psychic powers, to manipulate the limbs of his "victim", as if they were a puppet.

For example, a person may not wish to be servile to another, but might be forced to kneel down in front of them and perform various "services"in a case of mind over matter. A proud woman suddenly seems unable to control what come out or into her mouth. Julia seems to keep getting her words muddled. Julia Fountain worked in insurance. At thirty-six, she was happily married and a mother of three. She had been part of the North Office for the last six years and was an integral part of the team.

Respected across the office, she also held positions in the school parent council, as well as in the neighbourhood community council. Julia was Read On. Tainted sports drink transforms women into the ideal girlfriend of the nearest guy. Now whenever a girl The next week passed uneventfully. Maddie was still reeling from her breakup, and couldn't bear to see how Darren and Amber were all over each other in public, though she felt that her blackout the week in Cassandra's room in the basement had somehow helped, as though Darren had been less important to her after looking in that mirror.

And, all the while, in the back of her mind was Some Russian sailors visit a quiet village pub and the barmaid Marie McCourt. Married with three children, and well-respected in the local area. Even after three births, she still had a figure of a woman ten years her junior. She worked in a small Irish bar and had been there for about eight years. Marie was 5'6 with long brown hair, her complexion was dark, and men always commented on her Young girl loves her daddy and goes into depression when he passes away. I adored my daddy from my earliest memories of him. I followed him around like a little puppy dog.

I was my happiest when I was with Daddy. When I was sixteen, I began having sexual fantasies about Daddy. I always felt my mom was a bit jealous of the way I erotic mind control story daddy. I was crushed when Daddy suddenly passed away when I was Later, when Mumsy came round to take me home, I was In one of the hotels that I worked in during my early years working for Armstrong Hotels, I met a woman who studied yoga and meditation.

It was after a particularly busy shift she offered to lead a meditation for anyone that was interested. I ed her and never looked back. Over the few months that I was there, she taught me several basics which I have built on since. Whether my workload Her name was Ophelia, so of course, she was doomed to become arrogant and obnoxious from the start.

To be honest, I should have seen a lot of the s from the beginning. She was outspoken, unafraid to be herself, Responsibility II Gavin's morality is questioned further from getting more female attention. She was kissing him passionately, and trying to entice him back into the room.

Gavin nervously looked up and down the hall, hoping this surreal image was going unnoticed by anyone else; especially someone who might know his wife. Twenty-five minutes ago, he was sneaking away from his wife and Tomboy Glenda is suddenly extremely interested in casual sex with her best friend. Glen came over the first day of summer after graduating to play basketball and video games, like she always had while we were in high school. Her full name was Glenda, but nobody called her that.

She had always been a tomboy, and we had grown up together, exploring the woods, playing sports, and getting into trouble. It never really occurred to me to think of her as a girl, even after both Part 4 Chris had phoned Lori and told her that they wouldn't see each other until the party. She had then spent the time organizing and arranging the 'do. Even extra caterers had been drafted. Everything was going to plan. Come that Saturday morning, Lori still hadn't been intimate with her husband, which She had Kim is a petite five-foot, two-inch blonde and very attractive twenty-two-year-old Part 3 Lori had gotten up first that morning.

She had filled a small makeup bag with essentials. She had put on the underwear she had hidden under her jeans and left on the edge of the bath the night before. She did Lori Brown and her husband John were a married couple of one year. Life was grand except for the fact that Lori didn't like to partake in oral sex.

She didn't want any foreplay, which angered her husband. She also wouldn't let her husband make love to her bottom. She said the idea of sucking his cock made her gag, and the thought of him licking and kissing her private parts made her A meteor falling into a woman's backyard lets her read minds, but there's a catch Amy was sitting at home, lounging comfortably in a bathrobe, reading a trashy romance novel when it happened. You might think it odd for an up-and-coming aeronautics research scientist to spend her Saturdays reading smut, but there was something about the stories of plain, everyday women having torrid affairs with gorgeous, unattainable men that she couldn't get enough of, possibly because Added: 10 Jun Category: Mind Control Avg Score: 5 Words: 3, Tags: accidental bimbofication breastexpansion sluttification submissive unaware degradation 3 Comments.

Misha introduces her husband into her elderly neighbour Bob's dominance. Part 7 Ken arrived home from work as Misha was finishing the dinner; she heard the crunch of the car wheels on the gravel and felt a flutter. Tonight, if it went well, she would be one step closer to a life with Bob. She was setting up, placing the three plates on the dining table, just as she heard the car door close. She took the cutlery and placed it precisely on either side of each Last Train His hand was up her skirt, his fingers inside her soaked, hungry pussy.

Slowly but with no skillhe violated her; yet, she loved the feeling of him. She knew this wasn't right, and tried to piece together the last half-hour of the night, while pulses of pleasure surged through her. The group of friends had been waiting in the train station for their train home after Misha left the shop with her multi-choices ticket. Although she was less worried than before about the total amount of the bet, she had spent too much and she knew it. Bob's shopping list mainly consisted of whisky, bread and meat, but she did a full shop. She wanted to have a large option available if she were to look after him.

She selected luxury items she was going to use to treat him Sara is naked, hypnotized, and programmed erotic mind control story cum on command, as well as do anything she's told. I smiled up at her, then suddenly had another idea. Misha becomes aware of her elderly neighbour, and Old Bob has her attention. Misha becomes part of her elderly neighbour's life. Part 5 Misha, having regained her composure as she sat on the sofa looking over at Bob as he sat watching the TV in his usual pose, imagined his late wife fussing over him.

She imagined Bob's wife bringing him cups of tea His favourite, white with one sugar with a sandwich and a treat; the treat being a loving blowjob from her. Dr Reid is accidently exposed to chemicals, it couldn't effect her, could it?

Cassandra Reid, Cassie to her family and friends, was a mild-mannered community pharmacist with her own successful pharmacy. At forty-three years old and five feet ten inches tall, she had long brown hair and a slim build that she kept with a regimental diet. She had never been overweight; even after the birth of each of her two girls she had remained slim. Cassie had grown up the middle The next morning, sexually sated for the first time in days after getting stuffed with cock at the club the night before, Amy was sitting on the couch absentmindedly playing with her jiggly new C-cups when they began to remind her of their ever-present need for another splash of the bimbo potion.

As tempting as it erotic mind control story be to indulge them, to allow the drug to trigger their sensuous Lori, a happily married mother, and housewife, takes a trip to the supermarket that isn't as routine as she thought it would be. Lori had tried to continue with her life. She knew what she had done was wrong, but it had felt so good. She had had no contact from Chris, and she was beginning to think erotic mind control story had Grabbing her bag Lori checked to make sure her purse was in it more importantly her cardsthen grabbed her mobile phone and keys. Their stuff is all out for you.

Misha falls deeper under her elderly neighbour's control. Part 4 She patted his chest. She calmed herself from the anger of being separated from Bob next door, reminding herself of the plan. I want us to just go back to the way it was; we're all good. I got a real fright," he Misha becomes aware of her elderly neighbour, and Old Bob has her attention.

It's the start of Misha's new life with the handsome Bob. Part 3 Acrobatically Misha had scaled the fence between erotic mind control story two properties; she had closed the back door just as her husband came in. Thankfully, she had managed to redress in the clothes she had worn before seducing Bob in one of his wife's old dresses. You're home early," he said. She spun around before Bob Kuzneski, the man next door, was the man of her dreams. Over the days that came, Misha's whole perspective of her life changed.

Sure, she was still the same person, but her outlook and priorities had changed. She found herself a lot more upbeat, giggly and excitable. She again felt like the silly teenage girl living next door to the hot guy. She was spending her days laughing at his How did you even get her to watch it? Her blue eyes sparkled with mischief. You remember how quickly she tranced before? Misha becomes aware of her elderly neighbour, and Old Bob has her attention Misha had just made herself a grilled chicken salad topped off with on-the-vine cherry tomatoes.

She had taken a break from the financial report she had started yesterday for the impending external audit that had given her so many worries recently. She thought working on it from home when her husband Ken was at work would make for less distraction, and she would be able to finish and Home Home. Stories Members Authors.

Erotic mind control story

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