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Ichigo Kurosaki is the hero of Bleach fairy tail pokemon teams, a gritty shonen protagonist who wields the powerful black sword Zangetsu in battle to protect his friends. He isn't out to save the world; he'd rather strike down any villain who crosses him or his comrades, and he doesn't mind being part of a team, either. Ranged fighters such as Uryu Ishidafor example, are effective teammates, or kido masters like Rukia Kuchiki. Suppose Ichigo could partner up with characters from another shonen franchise, such as Fairy Tail?

This series is packed with colorful and talented wizards, and Ichigo could meet these characters and pick a few to his team for a shonen adventure. Based on their powers and abilities, who would work well on Ichigo's team, and who would be a poor fit? Her magic works best on dragons, as the name suggests, but she can also use mighty wind magic against other wizards.

Ichigo wouldn't mind having some ranged support during battle. In addition, Wendy has a talent for enchanting her teammates and augmenting their abilities in combat, or healing them. That's similar to the role that Orihime Inoue has in Ichigo's party, after all. If Orihime's not around, Wendy can take her place. Although Gray Fullbuster is not a Dragon Slayer, he is a talented wizard who can use Ice Make magic to conjure vast amounts of ice during battle.

He can create and fire an ice cannon, make hammers and swords, cages, slides and more. That's a great ability, but it's an awkward fit for Ichigo, since Ichigo needs enough room to swing his zanpakuto and fire the Getsuga Tensho. Gray's ice would get in the way, so he's out of the running for Ichigo's team. At least Ichigo would get along with Gray personally.

Levy McGarden may have a rather frail constitution, meaning she will need Ichigo to protect her, but that's not going to be a problem. Ichigo prides himself in his ability to protect his friends and teammates, and as long as he keeps Levy safe, she can return the favor in many ways.

Levy uses solid script magic, meaning she can conjure magical attacks or modify the property of items based on the runes that she writes in the air. She can even form a wheeled carriage or create holes in the ground, in addition to creating water, fire, lightning and much more. Ichigo can afford to be picky about whom he chooses for his team, since he is a powerful fighter and he has many options to choose from.

He wants a teammate who can back him up or fight alongside him as an equal, and the partner must not have an annoying personality. Brandish has a rather apathetic attitude that Ichigo might not like, and she has few motives to help Ichigo, anyway.

What is more, her ability is so overwhelming shrinking or expanding items that Ichigo would be made obsolete in his own team. That's not good. In a fight to the death, Ichigo could narrowly defeat Erzasword vs sword. But as a whole, Ichigo would rather fight alongside the sword-bearing Erza Scarlet than clash against her.

She could complement Ichigo well in battle, using her ultra-tough armor to block enemy blows that might strike her teammate. Erza and Ichigo could charge the enemy together and deliver devastating tandem swords trikes, and on top of that, Erza's mature and confident attitude would mash perfectly with Ichigo's. Unless Ichigo tries to steal Erza's strawberry cake, they'll get along wonderfully.

How can anyone say no to Ichiya, a high-ranking member of the Blue Pegasus guild, as a partner? Well, Ichigo would. Ichiya is flamboyant and goofy, and Ichigo would tire of his antics within five minutes. And Ichiya would think Ichigo is a real stick in the mud.

As for combat, Fairy tail pokemon teams can handle himself with perfume-based magic to augment himself or weaken the enemy, but Ichigo wouldn't be terribly impressed, and he has stronger options. The Ichi-Ichi team is doomed to never be. Like Levy, Freed can use solid script magic to alter the world around him with the written word. Freed has demonstrated his prowess on the battlefield many times, and he loves to create barriers to trap enemies and restrict the movements of armies.

Ichigo could make use of that, asking Freed to trap him and a chosen enemy in a tight space so the opponent can't escape Zangetsu's sharp edge. Ichigo isn't fond of ranged battles, after all. Truth be told, Juvia Lockser the water mage is a poor fit for most characters' teams. She is absolutely fixated on Gray Fullbuster, the apple of her eye, and she is only truly motivated when Gray is involved somehow.

She'd sulk and pout if partnered with anyone else. Juvia would sulk the entire time if she was paired with Ichigo for a mission, loudly longing for Gray the entire time. Also, Juvia's full strength only manifests when Gray is hurt or in danger, and those conditions won't ever be met if Juvia is fighting with Ichigo. Ichigo's fighting style is fairly blunt and straightforward: charge at the enemy, then slash at them with shikai or bankai and throw in the Getsuga Tensho when needed.

If Ichigo is facing crafty enemies or ranged opponents, he'll urgently need creative support members in his party. Lucy Heartfilia can help. Her fairy tail pokemon teams spirits come in all shapes, sizes and abilities, and they can help Ichigo deal with unique or unusual enemies. Lucy wouldn't be Ichigo's best friend, but they would get along moderately well, at least, and they are effective in battle together.

It could be said that as a wizard and as a fighter, Lisanna Strauss is still growing. She uses the same type of magic as Elfman and Mirajane, Take Over magic, and she can use it to morph her body parts into those of animals. Cat and bird body parts are some of her favorites. Lisanna is fairly agile in her cat-girl mode, but her offensive power is limited, and as a melee fighter, she doesn't mesh as well with Ichigo as Erza would and her toughness is much lower.

Lisanna will need to undergo some more training first before fighting with Ichigo. Louis Kemner has been a fan of Japanese animation sincewhen he discovered Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z in elementary school. He's always looking for a wonderful new anime to watch or manga series to read. You can reach him at lkemner yahoo. By Louis Kemner Published Nov 08, Share Share Tweet 0. Related Topics Lists bleach Fairy Tail.

Fairy tail pokemon teams

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