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Go to. First Prev of Go to. Deimacos Active Member. Apr 5, Well, saying it was a scam since the very beginning is hyperbole of course, I'm sure the whole thing did start with the intention of making what it was set out to be, gumdrop games patreon those first parts were worth for what they were to many, otherwise, this wouldn't have gained as much attention as it did. Still, the game was released in February of with the last proper update a year later in1 year of development followed by 3 of nothing while receiving funds for it, so even if it wasn't one in the beginning it ended bein one in practice.

Why would the 7th self imposed deadline missed be different from the first 6? Reactions: Ivyxxx and Conn rd. Mar 29, To put it in the most simple way possible, Gumdrop has transitioned from a scam artist to an artsy scam artist.

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Mar 5, 77 By the way, just looking at the contents of DFX. He literally slapped it together on the morning on 19th. Mac version was compiled half a day earlier. Nov 14, 17, 6, Deimacos said:. Because it's pretty much the last nail in the coffin, if he fails on that, his patreons will be forced to face reality I hope at least but after three years is hard to say with those peopleif he delivers, well, color me impressed I guess.

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Funny thing is that I enjoy listening to some of his music. The music to the 11 min video with the low res skeleton face is pretty good. Reminds me of playing Monkey Island with LeChucks skeletons dancing around. And it finishes with his? Better than any horror movie, because this is real. Clearly a lot of time was spent putting this release together. I think doing music and stuff like this is his hobby and some of what he spent his time on while watching the money pouring in from his supporters.

Then he put some of his stuff together for a release with clues and hidden messages that all say that this is a scam. May 13, That timestamp just tells you when those files were last updated, nothing more. A final fix or update. Sep 17, My honest opinion about this game was generally good at the moment when it was 1st time released.

This game is the reason why i created F95. I believe that he had genuine and honest thoughts and ideas about this game. Release was every month or so back in the time so no one complained. The game was advertised as real life, choice based game which many people's, including in this site, liked. However, as more people started to pledge and money started pouring in gread and deception started to take a hit. His own team abandoned him after they saw what kind of a person Kyle is.

It was during that time that game started to become worse for the last releases. And then we know how it all continiued. He falsly advertised the release of part X for couple of gumdrop games patreon, several missed self imposed dead lines, then remake when no one actually wanted this but instead people simply wanted part X all the way to DFX.

He simply lost his tracks and he even indirectly admited that gumdrop games patreon secret message from DFX. Will he release anything on Feb 26?

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Idk, maybe. The risk Kyle have right now is to release nothing in which case his supporters might cancel their support. If he release something and it's not good the result could be the same. Reactions: Ivyxxx and thetrueredking. Partially true. The timestamps reveal when the game was compiled before ing because RenPy creates a directory ready for release which you can then compress and.

Otherwise they would be identical for PC and Mac versions. So those were not final fixes, that was the final compilation before making an archive. Semantics aside, you'd think that if he planned for this "release," he'd have it ready a week or two ago and would have ed it a few days before making the link available.

No point risking missing the deadline. Sep 29, Who needs Netflix when you have this thread. Reactions: Ivyxxx gumdrop games patreon, Joshua eagerxXwankerXx and 12 others. The update is when? Reactions: IvyxxxDark modeyxplayer90 and 1 other person. Jan 21, 16 7. Some people are just willingly blind letting hope blind them, or gluttons for punishment that enjoy being a paypig. I'm sure a few people may finally see the light, but I don't think that it's just going to implode over night down to nothing.

If it hasn't gotten through to them yet, then it's likely it won't get through to them the next time. Last edited: Feb 21, Don't get your hopes high. The developer changed his profession to a scam artist. Reactions: Karen's favorite uncle. Sep 18, Honest opinion Patreon is the money tree that just keeps giving. Its been a long time since I last played but the skeleton on the aeroplane was pointless.

Reactions: mbl Oct 5, I wish he Finish it to. Wait a minute. You do know we are talking about Gumdrop? Gumdrop games patreon missing the deadline? Oh no, his reputation would be ruined.

Gumdrop games patreon

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