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Twenty years ago an artist made a deal with a mysterious woman. In return for a incubus torrent life he would give his unborn daughter to her. Now with his daughter Lucy an adult, the strange wom Read all Twenty years ago an artist made a deal with a mysterious woman. Now with his daughter Lucy an adult, the strange woman has come to collect. In. Video Photos 2. Add image.

Top cast Edit. Fata Morgana Lorna as Lorna …. Carina Palmer Lucy as Lucy …. Steve Barrymore. More like this. Storyline Edit. Johan Carsten Frank is a successful artist whose work is surreal and symbolic. One evening before returning home to his wife Rosa Lina Romayhe encounters a woman Fata Morgana in a bar. The two knew each other in the past and she demands a meeting with him. We incubus torrent in flashback the history Johan and the woman have - they were involved in a Sadomasochistic relationship twenty years ago before Johan achieved success.

In fact it is revealed that the woman is the key to Johan's life now. We see that the woman made Johan make her a promise at the height of sexual torment. The deal is that in exchange for a successful life he would surrender his, at the time, unborn daughter to the woman. Johan's now adult daughter, Lucy Carina Palmer is unaware of the deal her father made. Johan's wife Rosa is terrified that the woman has now come to collect her daughter and Johan has to confront the woman, today, whether he likes it or not.

Add content advisory. Did you know Edit. Connections Remake of Lorna the Incubus torrent User reviews 5 Review. Top review. Very Poor. Twenty years earlier a father made a deal with an incubus that she gives his fame and wealth in return for his daughter on her 20th birthday. The original film is one of my favorite Euro Horrors but this thing here is just downright awful from the poor script to the poor acting to the horrid direction.

Franco's "talents" can be debated but this recent stuff is just incredibly bad. I did give the film half a star due to the music score by Daniel White but this was just lifted from Franco's The Perverse Countess. Details Edit. Release date September United States. United States. Official site. One Shot Productions. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1h 28min. Related news.

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Incubus torrent

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