Inspector j episode 7

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After a playwright changes dialogue in her play just days before its opening, she is found brutally stabbed with other murders to follow. Barbara Havers : You re, I re. Thomas Lynley : That's absurd. Inspector j episode 7, for heaven's sake? Barbara Havers : Well, do you want the truth? Thomas Lynley : Yes! Barbara Havers : No one else would work with me. Thomas Lynley : This is you being nice to me, isn't it? Barbara Havers : Yeah. Barbara Havers : Shall we hit the pub? In. The Inspector Lynley Mysteries.

Crime Drama Mystery. Director Kim Flitcroft. Elizabeth George novel Lizzie Mickery screenplay. Top credits Director Kim Flitcroft. Photos 2. Add image. Top cast Edit. Naomi Frederick Elizabeth as Elizabeth. Yvonne O'Grady Joy as Joy. Ravin J. Ganatra Forensic Pathologist as Forensic Pathologist.

Barbara Horne Solicitor as Solicitor. Kim Flitcroft. Storyline Edit. Inspector Lynley Nathaniel Parker and Sergeant Havers Sharon Small are sent to a remote Scottish mansion house, the home of Sir Stuart Stinhurst Ronald Pickupto investigate the violent death of a famous playwright whilst she was helping to rehearse a production of her new play.

Initial investigation reveals that practically anybody could have committed the crime but everybody appears to have a convincing alibi and nobody has a motive. As the investigation continues an apparent nearby suicide begins to have a bearing on the case and Lynley believes that is wasn't suicide.

The arrival of a new guest, Helen Clyde Lesley Vickeragea former girlfriend of Lynley's who is now a lover of one of the main suspects starts to cloud his judgement and raise Havers' suspicions. As the real motives begin to appear and the dark pasts of some of the guests are revealed will Lynley catch the double murderer?

Crime Drama Mystery Romance. Add content advisory. Did you know Edit. Trivia Sharon small. Julian wadham. Barbara Horne. Julian wadham appeared in season 22 episode 4 running out of time. Barbara Horne appeared season 10 episode 1 instrument of justice and Ron donachie appeared in season 17 episode 5 falling in love. Quotes Barbara Havers : You re, I re. User reviews 4 Review.

Top review. An Insector Lynley mystery. This is my introduction to Inspector Lynley, and I liked it. In this episode, Lynley and Havers go to a Scottish castle where a play is being rehearsed to investigate the murder of the playwright, who was killed after making changes in her script. Of course the place is loaded with suspects, starting with the owner of the house, Sir Stuart Stinhurst Ronald Pickup and continuing to the young handyman in love with Stinhurst's daughter John McAvoy.

He is grieving for his mother, who has recently committed suicide. To complicate matters, an ex-girlfriend of Lynley's, Helen Lesley Vickeragewho is now the lover of one of the suspects Jonathan Firth. My understanding is that this isn't a particularly good episode, but I liked it well enough. I spent a lot of time studying Nathaniel Parker's face. A little Keanu, a little Clive Owen, a little Jon Tenney, somehow handsome but not as good-looking as those mentioned above. He's very good, and has the aristocratic looks and air befitting the role. Small is a great contrast his middle-class partner.

Catching the killer isn't easy in this one, and Parker has inspector j episode 7 few misses along the way. It's an episode that will keep you guessing. Details Edit. Release date September 7, United States. United Kingdom. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1h 30min. Contribute to this Suggest an edit or add missing content.

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Inspector j episode 7

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