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Jack-o-nine [ edit ]. When starting a new game your initial house is in the slums, and one of your first actions should be to head to the Real Estate office to get some better housing.

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Moving to a new quarter requires a 10 days rent in advance, with a one time agency commission fee. To gain housing permission for a quarter, you must sell a slave to an NPC within the desired faction to raise your reputation with them. Your choice of housing will affect the Slaver's mood, based on his reputation. If his reputation is low, he'll tolerate cheaper living quarters, but as he gains reputation he'll demand a house more deserving of his stature.

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There are additional rooms you can rent from the real estate office which allow various actions to be taken. After renting a barn from the Real Estate office and modifying slaves at the Medical Centeryou can house the pets in your barn. The requirements are the following for the pets:. The farmhand can be instructed to overfeed the pets. If overfed, slaves will gain weight, and with that the amount of milk, eggs, etc. Please note that pigs are automatically overfed.

Once that's done, you will need a purchase new pig to your barn.

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You can also have sex with your pig, but I wasn't able to test this so I will update this section when I have more information. Worth mentioning: there are slaves which has the "Pet Prodigy" trait. This trait makes them to learn the Pet skill maybe Horse as well? It's hard to find these slaves, but you may be lucky to purchase one from the auction.

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Because of this trait, not only they will learn faster, but be happy to learn being a Pet. Also, does the rank of the slave matter? I'm not sure yet, I'm testing this. Theoretically, it should not, but I will look into the code of the game soon to see if it does and do some tests as well.

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In addition, each section of the home and it's rented extensions interior de can be customised to various styles for a one time fee. Jump to:search. : OldHuntsman Jack-o-nine. menu Personal tools Create Log in. Namespaces Discussion.

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Jack o nine tail

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