Kuroinu the rebellion

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Thread starter Muff Diver Start date Aug 26, 2dcg adventure fantasy male protagonist monster kuroinu the rebellion sex parody rpg vaginal sex. Discussion Reviews 1. First Prev 4 of 14 Go to. Retro Semi-Retired Staff member. Sep 7, 3, 16, So uh is "Chapter 1" different from the "v1.

Because the "chapter 1" download link is dead. Updated OP to 1. Chapter 1 Full on his patreon is a dead link. Apr 29, Retro said:. Korr Newbie. Jun 28, 90 I am loving this game and its premise. Yes please has a LOT of potential. I hope he succeeds in making this game. Darrel Caper Active Member. Jun 5, Korr said:. Reactions: sonhot. EagleDye New Member. Nov 18, 8 2. What the hell why is my progress not saving?! Apr 2, 1, This was really, really interesting to play. The art looks kinda off, but the story is nice and getting to fuck all the ladies Dark Elf Queen ftw while also being the hero is always appreciated.

So good job, waiting for some sequels with better art. The game used to have better arts it seems but since those artists left, the developer decided to took on drawing himself and redraw all of the scenes for consistency. I'm a fantasy sword and magic kinda guy so kuroinu settings and characters are just what i needed but i couldn't stand all the gang rape and torture so much thanks to the developer for making this. Reactions: genthrow. No Mercy New Member. May 23, 10 0.

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The link here is updated, right? Micheal Cozad Newbie. Jul 8, 54 Reactions: Bob Jared. Bruh it looks like the art changed. Does anyone know when? Last time I played it was with version. If anyone has a version right before the art downgrade that would be amazing. If not its ok, I just hope he can get a good artist.

I really liked the older art. Ialdabaoth Active Member. Mar 2, Darrel Caper said:. Reactions: Darrel Caper. Ialdabaoth said:. YoruichiSh Newbie. Feb 5, 17 2. Hey guys i know i am a bit late here but i wanted to ask kuroinu the rebellion are the other Princess Knights for the converence i found Kaguya, Prim and Maya and i talked to everyone in town but i cant find them and i cant leave the town i am right at the beginning from the game i just killed the Orc Boss.

The others are in the town's inn IIRC. Mar 19, 62 YoruichiSh said:. I can't remember who you missed been a long time since I played it but try to explore everywhere and retrace from where you started. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

Kuroinu the rebellion

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