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Knights of the Old Republic 2. The Curse of Monkey Island. This is the second game in the series and was directed and programmed by Al Lowe. This game is more linear than the original but it still uses cursor looking for love walkthrough for movement and a text parser for actions. At the beginning of the game Larry finds himself forgotten by his lover, Eve.

Distraught Larry wanders off to win the lottery and a free vacation. Will Larry find love along the way or is he doomed to a life of lonliness? Before you begin make sure you go into the settings and turn the filth bar up to maximum. Inventory items will be colored blue. Walk into the garage and go to the right side. Look and then take the Dollar.

Leave the garage, walk north and then east once. If you see a jogger look at the jogger. Walk east twice until you come to the alley with the bin. Walk behind the bin to relieve yourself and then look through the knothole in the fence. Walk east once and enter the Quiki Mart. Walk close to the clerk and buy a Ticket. Choose 6 different 3-digit s and wait for the machine to finish processing. Enter the studio and talk to the receptionist. Give her the Ticket. Write them down. When she asks you for your ticket s just repeat the s she gave you. Follow him through the door to the left for the dating game.

Back in the green room sit down again and wait for a woman to come through the right door. From here on you have a certain amount of time to do everything you need to do before the ship leaves. Leave the studio and then go south and east. Look at the sidewalk with the de and then enter the Molto Lira store. Take Swimsuit and then go to the clerk to buy the swimsuit. Leave the store. Enter and go to the left side of the left shelf in the center of the store. Take Sunscreen and then go over to the clerk to buy the sunscreen.

Walk to the north and enter the Quiki Mart again. After the Cup is filled go over to the woman and pay her. Exit the store. Walk to the south 3 times to the barber. Enter and sit down on the chair at the back. After the haircut leave the barbers. If the garbage cans are there search them twice and then take the Passport. Walk north twice and enter the music store. Talk to the girl at the counter and watch the cut-scene.

Once you get control again go south and then east to the docks. Talk to the man and show him your Passport. Make your way up the walkway to the ship. Go to the drawer and take the Fruit. Open the door to the east to meet Mama. After the awkward chat walk back through the door to your cabin and close the door.

Hide behind the closet and get changed into your Swimsuit. Enter the door to the east again. Walk up to the nightstand, open drawer and take the Sewing Kit. Close the drawer and leave the room. Close the door between the two rooms and leave the cabin. The next section is a timed section. If you take too long and cabin after nightfall Mama will come in and squish you. Walk left and go up the first set of stairs. Walk left again and go up the next set of stairs. Walk all the way to the right, to the rear of the boat until you come to the pool. Use Sunscreen. Swim to the left of the pool and dive.

Quickly swim down to the bottom of the pool and pick up the Bikini Top. Swim back up to take a breath. Climb out of the pool and use the Sunscreen again. Lie down on the blue lounge. After a few seconds a woman will come out and urge Larry to follow her. Stay lying on the lounge for about ten seconds and then stand up.

Leave the pool area and make your way back to the cabin. Hide behind the closet and change into your Suit. Quickly leave the room. Head to the left and go up the first staircase. Head left again and go up the second staircase. Continue to the left until you enter the barbers.

Walk up to the chair and sit down for a small cut-scene. Head over to the right side of the bar and take the Spinach Dip. Exit the diner and go back down the stairs. Walk to the right and go up the first set of stairs you come to.

Walk right as far as you can and then north to the control panel. Pull the lever and then leave the room. Walk down the stairs and then half-way up the next stairs towards the diner. Walk right to looking for love walkthrough lifeboats. Go left to the rope and use the Sunscreen. Jump in the boat and put on the Wig. Throw the Dip to end this section. After a few days Larry will wash up on the shore of a jungle island.

Walk to the west to see a nude beach. None of the ladies will chat with you at the moment. Walk back to the east and then go south into the jungle. Larry will walk off the screen and come back on, stopping next to some flowers. Take the Flowers. Talk to the man and then sit on the seat while you wait for a table. Just ignore it and head to the buffet table. Take the Knife next to looking for love walkthrough big plate of cheese and then leave the restaurant.

Once more Larry will make his way through the jungle, this time finally arriving at your hotel room. Save the game here if you want to have sex with the maid. In a few seconds the maid will come into your room. Unfortunately her brother will enter the room and that will be looking for love walkthrough end of the road for Larry.

Reload, walk up to the bedside table and take the Matches. Go into the bathroom and get the Soap. Exit and go through the jungle scene again. Sit down on the chair to get your hair dyed. Leave and go through the jungle again. Walk to the west. Walk east and south back into the jungle. Go back into the jungle to appear at your room. Walk up to the window and then right so your hidden behind the wall.

Wear Bikini. Now leave your room and go through the jungle back to the barbers. Go through the jungle once more, back to the beach. Walk east and continue past the agents, east again to the cliff. Carefully make your way around the cliff to the other side. There are a couple of guards at the airport as well as 2 KGB agents by the front door. Walk close to the KGB agents, but not too close, and give them the Flowers. Once they run off you can enter the airport.

Look at the barber and then sit down on the chair for another haircut.

Looking for love walkthrough

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