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Originally posted by toesure. His father had been insistent that the boy learn as much as he could while he was still on the island and it seemed that his days were spent between the Cameron and Thornton residence, and the office space that was, apparently, a large part of some big corporate company. The early afternoon sun boasted its heat and you could feel it on your skin, opting to roll down the window for some fresh air. That, combined with music he was playing from his phone, created the perfect setting for overthinking. He put the car in park and took off his seatbelt, maneuvering himself to look at you.

I can still come here to visit every once in a while. He spoke through broken kisses. The kisses masturbation blog tumblr were receiving were on the edge of being desperate and you could feel the heat rising to your cheeks. Boldly, you looked around to see if anyone was beside you and thanked the universe for your car being secluded from the rest of the beach goers. Slowly, you inched your hands upwards until you were met with his belt and waistband. Trent immediately pulled his head back and raised his eyebrow in your direction. You watched as Trent bit his lip and moved forward to unbuckle his belt, pulling himself out of the confines of his khaki shorts.

He looked at you in anticipation and let his eyes fall shut when you put your mouth directly on the head. Go slow until you know what he likes. Hollow your cheeks. Pull him in, inch by inch. Your throat felt sore from the last tip but your mother never raised a quitter. All you could think about was how JJ would be willing to put himself in this scenario and risk the chance of a stranger seeing your pretty little mouth devouring his cock. By the time Trent finished, you could feel yourself grow wet. Trent came down from his high and his hands roamed your body before pressing against your clit.

You closed your eyes and relinquished, your body falling limp and your whimpers loud. When Trent dropped you off at the Chateau, you closed the door and spoke to him through the window. You laughed and scrunched your nose. It starts at eight but you can swing by whenever. Upon entering your house, you called out for your parents, who seem to have vacated the premises. Your bedroom had never looked more inviting and you were damned if you were going to let yourself linger high and dry. He sat up immediately and cleared his throat before answering your call.

You felt white hot pressure building up at the top of your skull. You pictured his hot breath against your pulse point. A small moan fell from your lips at the memory. Plus, his ego was big enough already. You were growing quite bored of tracing your pantyline with your index finger. You bucked your hips into your hand slightly, rubbing small circles onto the bundle of nerves. JJ had half a mind to grab a pillow from the other end of the couch and place it over his growing bulge.

A little bit of pressure was sure to help. You nodded as you placed your phone on your chest, reaching down to slip the flimsy fabric down your legs. You complied, this time opting for figure eights instead. You started to feel the coil at the base of your stomach tighten ever so slightly. JJ felt like he was starting to break a sweat as he adjusted his red snapback with his free hand.

He closed his eyes tight, pushing the pillow harder against his now fully hard dick. Still, imaging your fingers as his was pushing you closer to your orgasm despite the obvious size difference. You were more than ready to add another. You let out a moan at the feeling, curling them inside of you. Your orgasm was seconds away from washing over you. JJ heard you a muffled whine through the line as you pulled your bottom lip between your teeth. You sped up the pace at which you pumped your fingers in and out of your cunt. He shifted masturbation blog tumblr the couch again with a groan at the obscene moan you let out.

JJ could feel his cock throbbing underneath the pillow and cursed when John B. You continued to pump your fingers into your pussy, slower now, like JJ had done to help you ride out your high. There was something about the desperation masturbation blog tumblr your voice that filled the emptiness within JJ. But, he liked being the person you called when you needed to pleasure yourself.

To JJ, Trent was the type of person to oversaturate his Instagram photos in order to be up-to-date. He was the kind of guy that put his social media following above real life interactions and got a kick out of outdoing himself with Instagram likes.

He was the type of person JJ loathed; Trent was the epitome of Kook and everything he swore he would never become. JJ tried to understand your infatuation with him and came to the conclusion that you enjoyed being able to experience your firsts after hearing your friends talk about them. The idea of you calling him after spending time with Trent turned him on so much that he ran to the guest bedroom and tried his best to keep himself from making too much noise. After all, you had called him and he listened to you orgasm through the phone.

His hands trickled down his chest and he grabbed himself, his hand tucking underneath the waistband of his shorts. The kegger started in two hours and JJ had agreed to pick you up and drive you to the Boneyard. You never did. As you looked through your closet and felt unsatisfied wearing your usual jean shorts and oversized t-shirt, you called her and groaned out of frustration. The blonde was sifting through the clothes in her drawers when she looked at you and threw a shirt in your direction. Your hands masturbation blog tumblr down the fabric of your skirt.

The shirt lay just above your high waisted skirt, your chest exposed enough, just shy of making you feel like you needed to cover it up. Who knew you were hiding such a body! You walked out of her room and walked around the corner, bumping into Rafe.

He looked at you once over before nodding, masturbation blog tumblr your existence. You could see the small smirk he was sporting as well. You checked the wall clock and saw that you had thirty minutes before JJ would arrive. You looked at yourself in the mirror, turning yourself to see your body from all angles with a tempting grin adorn on your lips.

You decided to forego wearing shorts, hiking up the fabric little by little until you were satisfied with looking at your image in the mirror. You felt a spark of excitement surge through you as you tossed yourself onto your bed, not bothering to remove your sandals before doing so. You wasted no time in slipping your panties to the side and ran your index finger along your slick folds. Your breaths felt heavy and the feeling between your thighs was prominent as you inserted your index finger into your hole.

The semi-full feeling that came with it caused a pleased hum to vibrate through you. You allowed your mind to wander to JJ again. You pictured him sheathed inside fully inside you this time, bottoming out before almost pulling completely out of you. You pictured him mumbling profanities into your ear as he rolled your clit between his fingers.

The thought of your best friend with his cock inside of you edged you beyond your wildest imagination, and you could feel yourself growing hotter by the minute. Amidst your orgasm approaching, JJ entered your house. You had left a spare key underneath a potted plant and told him to come inside and wait for you as you finished getting ready, knowing that he was never on time nor did you ever finish getting ready when you said you would.

But as JJ approached your bedroom after calling your name and hearing no response, he could see the barely opened door, he could see your legs propped up against the bed and the sound of faint noises coming from your mouth. JJ watched as you bucked your hips against your hand and saw the mess you were creating. He saw your skirt bunched around your hips and your eyes shut tight as you let out a series of moans, one of your hands riding out your orgasm while masturbation blog tumblr other was gripping at your bedsheets.

The boy, upon realizing you were coming down from your high, stumbled away from your doorstep and back downstairs, pretending as if he had just entered your house. JJ watched as your posture looked perfectly poised and composed. You fixed your skirt and walked past JJ, who looked at you with a dry mouth. You ready? When you two had arrived at the Boneyard, the party was almost at full capacity.

You were anxiously checking your phone for notifications and chose to down a cup of beer to calm your nerves, which was unlike your character. JJ preoccupied himself with walking to Pope and tried not to picture you on your bed, touching yourself. His cheeks warmed up as he thought of your delicate hands roaming your body and he had to keep himself from getting an erection. The blonde noticed his jaw had been clenched for a minute or so and nodded, rubbing his jawline and avoided looking at you.

You had pointed him out to Kiara, who had been more than excited to meet the person you had been talking about for the past two weeks. You watched as he made his way through the party, greeting people he had met on this island before finding his way towards you and the Pogues. Trent bent his head to press a quick kiss to your cheek. His hand gripped the beer he was holding too tightly, his left felt planted to the ground, and his posture fixed itself in an attempt to make himself look taller. JJ tried not to wince as the conversation continued. Your head was resting on his shoulder and he looked how perfectly molded you were, latching onto him like this three-week tryst was going to last once he left the island.

But JJ stood there, holding his beer too tightly, too afraid to think about the possibility of you dating the stranger standing beside you. July 6 1, notes. What if they come home?

Masturbation blog tumblr

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