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Exclusively Yours is the latest Otome Romance title to make its way to the Love app. In the game you play as a young woman who is mistaken for her twin sister—a glamorous Executive Assistant at an elite advertising agency. Now she has to fake it till she makes it in the cutthroat business world… an exciting romance awaits! I kind of fell off the Voltage bandwagon, a little while ago, but this newest release gave me nostalgic flashbacks to one of their older titles, Office Secrets.

So, I sat down and played the office affairs game for Exclusively Yours and as always, I have some thoughts …. The MC recently lost her job after the company she was working for went belly up. While contemplating the sticky situation, the MC gets a call from her sister, but her relief is short lived—Ami has decided to quit her job and elope with her rich also totally married boyfriend.

The MC has brief encounters with each of the love interests, who range from easygoing and friendly to flirty to one guy who actually seems like a really sweet guy. Kyo Aoyagi, the VP who recently reed bursts into the room and demands that the MC—who thinks is Ami—should in a show of solidarity, re and come with him as his Executive Assistant.

Figuring to hell with telling the truth, the MC decides to continue pretending to be her sister and decides to choose one of the mega hot executives to be her new boss!

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He was born in Sweden and moved to Japan at the tender age of 8 years old. Sojiro Mikumo: When we meet him, he wastes no time hitting on the MC. He ed the company at 22 and worked his way up to Managing Director by the time he was He seems like one of those smooth guys who can easily charm a gal. He seems like one of those cool megane characters, but he did kick down the conference room door in the middle of a board meeting—so looks can be deceiving.

That aside, I did notice that some of the stock backgrounds were a bit pixelated—like they were resized a bit too much—and some character sprites seem a bit rough around the edges.

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Again, not anything that would really put me off the game entirely, but noticeable enough just the same. On top of that before the start of the story, one of the founding members of the company defected and creates his own rival company, and he wants you to quit working at ATK and work for him instead.

Just the right amount of drama. I gotta see how far this crazy train is gonna go.

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I have been an executive assistant before and let me tell you, they manage a hell of a lot of stuff, from meetings to dinners to trip to proposals to gifts for clients and even reviewing products… and sometimes they know more about the company than their bosses. Sure, why not! It seems like Exclusively Yours is going to mostly stick with the office romance schtick, which Voltage has done well in the past.

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Office affairs game

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First Impressions – Exclusively Yours: An Office Affair Love Otome Review