Princess trainer quests

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As such it's fairly easy to figure out where you're supposed to be going based on the directions. Quest triggers are where you would expect them to be. If you need princess trainer quests getting the quest started or keeping it going, check below for a Red Phoenix Rising walkthrough. Quest 4: The Red Phoenix Rising Gold needed: gold coins Step 1: Once you are able to take a walk outside after dark, check the brothel and knock on the door. Step 2: The next night, visit the tavern and a scene will play out with Maslab and Fat Lily. After this scene the option to arm wrestle with Maslab will appear.

Only use this when you're in peak physical condition from exercising at night so you can beat him. Step 3: The next night visit the brothel and use the password Maslab gave you. Fat Lily will answer and give you the quest to get the Red Phoenix re-opened. Step 4: During the day, send Jasmine to work or to the Academy so that she is not with you.

Then go to the palace and discuss the brothel with Jafar. He will agree to prepare a permit for the brothel to re-open. Jafar will refuse you if you have Jasmine with you. Step 5: In 2 days, with Jasmine with you, go to the palace and pick up the permit for gold coins. You cannot get the permit if Jasmine is not with you. Step princess trainer quests That night visit the brothel and give the permit to Fat Lily to complete the quest. Be sure to check the "Princess Trainer" walkthrough for additional quest help.

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Princess trainer quests

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