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Sorry, this game is for premium members only! You are the Dr Edgar Jones, a well-known sexologist. Your patients are many and you've a lot of work to do. Happily, Suzie, your assistant, is here to help you planning the day. And precisely today, a few not so common patients are going to need your help. A brand new series based on sexologists but this time, you're not the one who comes for help you're the therapist himself!

Don't take advantage of your position in this very pwpoker sex therapist series of sex games. The text appears on the screen really slowly in comparison to the other free verisons and way to change this? I'm also having black screen issues on newer games but I refused to use Chrome. There needs to be another solution. Julien admin Memorydump. I tried different browsers. Games seemed to crash on Firefox PC and androidopera android and chrome androidBut I can play the games on my mobile with the Dolphin browser just without the videos.

Julien admin Morten This isn't normal Please send me an see contact link below to help you get this sorted. None of the Premium Games dir Mobile Work in my android. Funny that the free ones worked Hi guys i have a problem with this games If i choose preload all it search each videos before but it can t load any of them and when i choose load during the game the videos are black and i have juste the sound I m on mobile phone.

Julien admin camolop Can anyone post a couple of clues for Ella I can get tits only. Will keep working on it but there is maybe too many dead ends this time and not enough hours in the month to keep trying every conceivable variable. Can you elaborate on what scenes you are getting as you are obviously making the most out of the first two clients. Reese - first during conversation with short solo and then with hard core at the end of game. Great game! One Q' though: the call from the court doctor only comes if Ella gets angry and calls Edgar names. Is that intentional - not sure what to get from that interaction w Ella as it seems to go nowhere and pretty sure I tried all compositions.

Not looking for the solution - just the assurance that it is not a game glitch. Julien admin many You can get the call from the court doctor while talking online with Ella without her getting angry. Best Porn Games. If you do not meet these requirements, then you do not have permission to use the website. All models appearing on this website were 18 or older when images and videos were created. Enter Leave. Log In. The sex therapist 2 ep. Comments Using which web browser?

Lazy no hard pwpoker sex therapist. Please try to play on Chrome mobile. It shall work better. How are you getting her tits? Follow us! Please also note that by clicking on enter, you accept our use of cookies.

Pwpoker sex therapist

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