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I dont know how?

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If you dont mind can you give me a step by step tutorial on how to do this heartbreak ending really pissing me off everytime i fail to do it. Ignore Hana and go in town, tease Erika when you see her, then later offer her to get a drink and make fun of her when she will refuse.

Here you can unlock heartbreak and rapist endings.

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I found it. Its really difficult, but when you are offered to go to lunch with Hana, refuse.

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Go into town, you'll see Erika, tease her, and wait until you get the option to give her drinks. Tease her again, then undress. Then snap photos and wrap it up.

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Then you get it. Now I only have 7 from 8 endings hikss.

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Re-Maid Wikia. In Don't have an ?

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Start a Wiki. What am I doing wrong? Make sure you only select the first picture option. Quote: Do what you would do to get to the Erika ending, except that you get her drunk, take pictures of her but stop before raping her.

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Then instead of getting the good ending with her it'll be fucked up. Now I only have 7 from 8 endings hikss i wonder if Nishi gets both hana and erikka as his girlfriends or maybe can date with aina.

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