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Have we put this here before? I feel like we may have. Either way here it is again. This feature is not a running shopping list of women for you to harass, send dick pics to or bother. If I find anyone is using this feature to harass any woman featured I will report your ass, block you and make it publicly known what a fuck boy you are.

Do not message them and harass them. Do not message me and harass me for their s, theirtheir names, etc. Thank you visualsymphony for posting this.

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He is not some 20 something and she is not a toothpick. It makes a pleasant change to see photos like this. Posts Likes Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Keeping it real Always a great Reblog!! Always a reblog… Sadly. God damn!!! Everyone needs to read and repost this! Great post! This is sooooooo true!!! I was late. Very late. The look on his face as he answered the door did not leave room for explaining.

I put my bag down and asked to go change. I was slapped. I tried to explain and was slapped again. Shoved down onto the bed my pants snatched down, my panties torn, my pussy already wet in anticipation. I did as I was told kneeling on the bed. He smacked my ass. Picking up his whore paddle He spanked me. He spanked me hard and loudly. He made me count.

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At 10 he stopped. He rubbed my ass, teasing my wetness laughing at me being wet from being punished. He grabbed my hips and slammed into me. I fell onto the bed. He snatched my hair back and pulled me back up. He pounds into me. No patience no slow build. My Sadist is in the room. I am not afraid. I am eager. I am so close to cumming. I beg his permission to cum. Deep slow strokes. He is edging me. Making me so very wet, so very ready to cum.

But not giving me the pounding I need to get there. I push back. I fuck him trying to get to my rhythm. He pulls out and turns me over. He pulls my pants off completely. He softly strikes my pussy.

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Pinning my legs back he slides inside me. Still stroking me slowly. He pulls me to the edge of the bed. He slides in deep. Picking up the pace he releases my legs. He grips my breasts squeezing and pinching my nipples. He pulls them viscously. Slapping my breasts as he starts to pound my pussy. Sliding his hands up farther he grips my throat.

He dips his head and takes my nipple in his mouth. As he bites down I detonate around him. I cum hard and loudly. And so very wet. I cover us both.

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Puddling on the bed. He slaps my breasts again. I feel his lips on my breasts and my orgasm builds. My pussy clenches. Cum again whore. Cum now bitch. Punishing my pussy. I cum yet again. He stops. A choice for my pain. Make a choice bitch.

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I know he is angry. Brilliant features with no BS. No. No Spyware. Top Photos. Recently Liked.

Sensual sex tumblr

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