The big thaw game

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Our goal is for Newgrounds to be ad free for everyone! Become a Supporter today and help make this dream a reality! This is a pretty major update. Most important is that Randy and Leela finally get together. The HoloCock when given to Randy will trigger a 3 Way scene when both girls are in high lust "Fuck me" state. Randy's Act 1 scene got it's long needed overhaul.

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All the weird perspective leaning forward assets for Randy replaced with straight on perspective. Reduces a set of standard assets to make room for a future costume change for Randy. Randy gone event, triggered when she's gone to fuck Leela, added to all scenes where Randy shows up.

Since pretty much everything got touched to make the new events it's almost certain I've broken stuff. Save often! And your old saves there's no way they'll work. Don't even try it.

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If you've got a long ways into the game and want to get back, well that's what cheat codes are for. And, the cheats are the same as Alpha Holocock works on Leela and Randy. Randy First Act scene is all new. A ton of stuff that was stupid with randy. This no doubt introduced new bugs. Leela was triggering wrong events when she gets mad about eye questions.

The lust gains and scoring on the 3 Way scene needs tweaking. Cum targets and scoring probably has glitches. Cumming in the wrong place or commenting about the wrong place.

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Crushed Cock bad end may not always trigger as intended. More testing needed Using Blue Pills may cause unexpected lust gains. Author Comments. Error Busted The lust gains and scoring on the 3 Way scene needs tweaking. Newgrounds s are free and registered users see fewer !

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The big thaw game

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