The room 3 endings

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The Room Three features four different endings. The first Imprisoned is straightforward, but the remaining three require some extra work and cleverness. If you want to knock all endings out in one go, complete Chapter 5but do not place the final engraved pyramid on the table yet, as soon after, you will trigger the Imprisoned ending and not be able to set yourself up to unlock all the endings with one save.

Next, follow all preparation steps below, after which the game will save and then you can unlock each ending one at a time with only a little retreading necessary each time. No preparation is required for the Imprisoned ending. For the Lost ending, you simply have to acquire the two artifacts from Escaped and Released. For those, follow the steps below. To get started, make sure you got the small mechanism from the fortune teller during Chapter 3.

Examine the mechanism and spin its wheel to turn it into a keythen make your way to the office room the one with the red curtain, and the first you entered. Use the key on the desk drawer, then pull the switch on the left side of the drawer on its outside and grab the handle. Insert the handle into the left side of the drawer and hit the switch on the right side to prompt a puzzle. Spin the left wheel to reveal a switch; slide it to open the bottom right drawer. Slide the buttons and panel around to show another switch; slide that one to unlock the right wheel.

Spin that one and the left one to make a token appear. Return to the library and insert the token into the fortune teller machine to receive a crank wheel. Go back to the very first room in the game where you solved the riddle puzzle, just before the room with the pyramid table. Insert the crank wheel next to the iron gate. In the next room, hit the three switches to prompt a series of s to appear.

Zoom in one of the boxes and, looking from the bottom upward, flick the switches so that the s, after calculation, result in the on top e. Repeat for each until all equations are correct, then flick the switches back. Next, slide the switches on the device to the right to match the lights, which will prompt a note that says "Library" to appear.

Go to the library, where you'll find the telephone ringing. Pick it up to hear a the room 3 endings and distorted "message", then grab the cross shaped key. Note the on the phone as well. Back in the room with the puzzle, insert the cross shaped key into the box on the left, after the room 3 endings symbols will appear on select boxes.

Open them in the sequence you observed if you miss it, just turn the key again. Grab the token and return to the library. Insert the token into the fortune teller to acquire another crank handle. If you haven't already, go upstairs and grab the metal cube from the poster book. Navigate to the greenhouse enter through the doorway with the stone hallway, next to the machinery in the main room. In the far room, insert the ' metal object cube-shaped into the tray on the table. Turn the handle, then don your eyepiece and click the right button until you the room 3 endings a ball.

Click the center button and take the metal object ball-shaped and return to the library. Upstairs, insert the metal object into the right side of the book, at which point a pop-up theater will appear. Using your eyepiece, enter it. Take the blank wax cylinder from the phonograph, then find another phonograph downstairs and insert the blank wax cylinder into it. Go to the greenhouse again and insert the crank handle onto the front of the phonograph and turn it. Then, turn to the telephone and dial hold each one at a time and pull all the way to the end each time. Go back to the library and answer the telephone, then grab the etched wax cylinder that appears.

Upstairs, insert the etched wax cylinder into the phonograph and take the token. Give the token to the fortune teller to receive a metal device. Take the elevator upstairs and insert the metal device into the slot next to the safe to make a key puzzle appear. Line up the pieces, noting that if they look lined up but nothing is happening, just turn the wheel a little more. Grab the key and return to the greenhouse. As you enter, look at the three bricks on the wall jutting out and move them to uncover a keyhole. Using your eyepiece, enter it and line up the keyhole slots using the device.

Exit and find the tree around the corner and insert the key into it. Go back inside the keyhole before turning it, then turn the handle on the key. Exit, then return to the tree, turn another handle, then return to the tree one final time. Take the token and return to the library. Insert the token into the fortune teller and take the mysterious artifact that appears to complete the preparation for this ending.

Go to the office room with the red curtain and examine the clock face with your eyepiece. Whenever the clock hits a 15 minute mark, etca switch will appear you can move the hands so you don't have to wait. Once it does, slide the switch to make a puzzle appear. Adjust the blocks so the room 3 endings match the s as they appear below, then take the crystal.

In the library, take the elevator up and look for the golden ball on the railing. Move it aggressively to make the big swinging object in the center move toward the safe, which will knock it down into the main room, opening it in the process. Go down to the main room and take the crystal from the safe, then make your way to the greenhouse.

Find the machine you used to make the ball-shaped metal object and insert the crystals onto it, which will prompt another video game maze to show up. Follow the arrow until you acquire a mysterious artifactcompleting your preparation for this ending. Once you have the two artifacts, go to the main room where you insert the engraved pyramids. Insert the final engraved pyramid to acquire The Craftsman's keythen go through the doorway that appears to encounter the tower puzzle. To solve the puzzle, insert The Craftsman's key into the top of the "tent", then take the metal ring from the edge and insert it onto the front of the gold box.

Turn the ring then enter it using your eyepiece. Spin the wheel itself on the bottom to line up the bronze ring with the piston on the right, then move the switch to the left of the wheel up and repeat the process for the remaining two sections. Finally, hit the switch on the bottom right to trigger a light puzzle outside. Move the mirror near the gold box to make the puzzle start moving.

Grab the mirror from beneath the table and insert it in front of the mirror behind it. Move the mirror behind it to the right to unlock a keyhole, and go inside. Click the right switch until all light beams point toward the red crystal, after which a door will appear. After solving the tower puzzle, what you do next will decide which ending you get. Once you achieve a particular ending, you can choose "Change Your Fate" option on the main menu afterward, which will allow you to try for a different ending. You will have to solve the tower puzzle again each time. Solve the tower puzzle again, but this time insert the first mysterious artifact into the gold box on the left before entering the door that appears.

Turn the ring that appears and enter it using your eyepiece. Turn the device inside using the switch until it catches some light, then follow the light until the device is powered up fully. Hit the switch on top of the mysterious artifact to change the train door for a wooden door and go through it. Solve the tower puzzle again, but this time insert the second mysterious artifact into the gold box on the right before entering the door that appears.

Equip your trusty eyepiece, then enter through the hole to find another gem puzzle. The trick with this puzzle is to focus entirely on getting four of the beam sources pointing in one direction and not toward the crystal. To do so, lock one such source, then lock it and rotate so the source next to it can then rotate into the same direction i.

Repeat this until four are pointing in the same direction, at which point the remaining two should be pointing at the crystal if not, start over. Once solved, press the button on the top of the mysterious artifact to swap out the train door for a wooden door. Go through it to see this ending.

Solve the tower puzzle again, but this time insert the second mysterious artifact into the gold box on the right. Then, investigate the back panel at the top of the mysterious artifact on the right and use the screwdriver to remove it to expose a lens. Now go back to the other side and go inside and solve the puzzle as described above. The room 3 endings, insert the first mysterious artifact into the gold box on the left and solve its puzzle, after which a shimmering door will appear.

Go on through to see the final ending. The Room Three. Edit. Achievement Unlocked. Spoiler: Spoiler You find yourself on the train you started on. Read the final letter from The Craftsman to learn you've been imprisoned this entire time, and by the looks of it, will be indefinitely. Spoiler: Spoiler You will escape the area in a boat as tentacles lash out and nearly kill you.

As you sail away, Grey Holm will crumble to the ground. A journal entry of yours will then appear, indicating you're not sure if the area ever existed at all. Click the arrow on the left to be taken back to the main menu.

The room 3 endings

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