Trials in tainted space pregnancies

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Log in. Search Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Search titles only. Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Install the app. Pregnancies and the Nursery. Thread starter locutus Start date May 1, You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. May 1, 2 0 Sorry if there's a thread on this already I've been playing this game off and on, but I'm confused on the pregnancy in this game. Is it currently only children you yourself give birth to that end up in the nursery?

No NPC encounters where you make them pregnant go there? It seems a little odd to me because my impression of your father in the game is he wasn't the one who gave birth to you, so why are only your own pregnancies going to the nursery and none other that you fathered? By the way. You all rock at this writing in this game, keep up the great work! Lancer Well-Known Member.

Nov 1, 1, Click to expand Noob Salad Captain Shitpost. Aug 26, 4, 1, Game needs more baby Momma interactions.

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If only Savin would write like 1 or 2 Zil call-girl tier projects a year. Last edited: May 1, Lancer said:. Well there are children that you don't birth personally that go to the Nursery, so I'm guessing you just missed them. Here's a list of all pregnancies, the ones at the bottom are the relevant ones, although only three of those actually send their children to the nursery, the Raskvel, the Zil Call girl, and Briha.

Ormael Well-Known Member. Aug 27, 6, 1, Vio Well-Known Member. Feb 24, Reactions: KetoArhonOrmael and 1 other person.

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Yes that this pic Vio Anyway since this pic was posted already then Mar 17, 36 As soon as a human egg is fertilized the rest of the sperm die, to simplify it. The sperm in the game are probably on steroids compared to real life. I don't think they die "as soon as" it's fertilized. I mean shit, they're not nanobots or a hive mind.

They just sort of sit around and wait to die since they can no longer enter the egg.

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That image is just silly. The server egg shuts down as soon as it receives its first packet sperm. It can take days for fertilization to occur. Reactions: lighterfluidNight TrapShySquare and 1 other person. Thus my simplification. The sperm in TiTS probably act like dog-mutants chasing a cat with a raw steak tied to its back. Super fast and very determined to claim the prize. How so?

I mean, they technically impregnate instantly, but that's only because otherwise it'd be overkill. Gedan make 28 day menstrual cycle pls. Timed events are fun. Actually all joking aside, it'd be pretty neat if certain races or perks caused scheduled heats to occur. Oh my you both took that pic too serious. But addig true cycle or periodical heat cycles would probably make Gedan recall Bess madness or state near to it.

Or it would be just change of not so ificance to game overeal as adding new content that may sit for months in backlog.

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Apr 27, It sounds like it should be just a "days since last heat" counter, but then again it's probably one of those things that start with "it should be just Reactions: ShySquare. Lunarl Mune Well-Known Member. Apr 4, 68 14 Also can I note a grievance with that list why are Shelly, the bug queen and the parasite lapinara on this list they are always pregnant that is not something you can change or effect regardless of gender or playstyle and yet they exclude the queen's jello mold from the list, this bothers me on very irrational levels that makes me want to take a day off work and type out a much more accurate guide but i ain't gonna do that outta spite.

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Trials in tainted space pregnancies

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