What my neighbors are demons

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I know the first time that I read the title, What!? My Neighbors Are Demons!!? I got visions of some kind of cheesy sitcom and in a way, this game does have a bit of that and I like it. This is a visual novel game that was funded via Kickstarter and it was a bit of a hit. The main character of the story is called Selene. Selene is in her early 20s and has a pretty decent life.

She was a bit hard on her boyfriend so he dumped her and now she is on her own.

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Still, despite this, things are not terrible, but as the name What!? Selene is about to get some interesting new neighbors. The art style of What!? Is amazing and very, very well done. The game actually has two art styles going on here and they both compliment each other very well. It has a chibi kind of art style in some sections and these are done very well and have a lot of personality to them that I thought was cute, naughty, and sexy all rolled into one.

These are very well drawn and the quality of the linework and just everything really is incredibly well done. The game also has a great soundtrack that could not fit the action any better! In terms of the gameplay, What!? Is what you would expect from a visual novel game. One thing that is pretty interesting was how you could at the start of the game decide to play the story, or it will let you just jump straight into the h content which is great for those that want to get more to the point. There are many secrets that are hidden in the game for you to find.

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What I liked about this was that it kept you paying attention to what was going on and I found this to be a very nice touch. If you enjoy visual novel games, I highly recommend that you check out What!? It has a fantastic premise and a story that manages to walk a fine line between being cheeky and just flat out sexy. It also has a ton of personality to the art and that is something I think that really sets the game apart from all of the rest.

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What my neighbors are demons

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What!? My Neighbors Are Demons!!?